A Little Then and Now

Smith Transfer was found almost a quarter century ago in 1998. We started with just 20 power units and 25 trailers. Smith has continued to grow over the years, now boasting 31 power units and 42 trailers in our fleet.


Getting Back to Our Roots

At Smith, we’re very proud of our family roots. For example, we’ve been asked about how we got the name Smith? We think it’s fitting  that our company harkens back to the daughter of one of the original founders of our company. Her middle name is Smith– we carry on with both being family-oriented and honoring the principles we were founded on.


Looking Forward

We gratefully recognize what a prosperous era we live in. The freight industry in particular is experiencing an extraordinary level of success. With our sector projected to grow ten percent annually, we’re prepared to embrace the logistical change and staff growing pains that are associated with expanding. 


Nevertheless, at Smith we always have our feet firmly planted in our values and traditions… that’s something we never plan to shift away from. And we expect the next quarter of a century to be much like the last: filled with growth and a sustained commitment to seeing today’s values of quality and meaningful connections, continued into tomorrow.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide total quality transportation services that satisfy the complete needs of our customers. Smith Transfer Co., Inc. will strive to build strong customer relationships and a cooperative working environment through successful quality performance.

Our Affiliates